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CliffyB is looking to buy back the rights to LawBreakers from Nexon

In recent weeks, Cliff Bleszinski has been tweeting about the possibility of reviving Lawbreakers. At this point, he has already tried to get in touch with Nexon to see if they'd be interested in reviving it, and now, he seems to be turning his attention to negotiating to get the rights back instead. 

In an update posted a few days ago, Cliff confirmed that he has been in touch with a friend who owns a game studio that would be interested in working on Lawbreakers. Now, he has a lawyer contacting Nexon to negotiate for the rights to allow this studio to bring back the game.

In other tweets, Bleszinski added that he wouldn't directly work on the game himself but would instead be a consultant providing feedback along the way. It is unclear what studio Bleszinski has this all worked out with, but the entire plan hinges on Nexon being willing to let go of the LawBreakers IP at a reasonable price.

LawBreakers came out at an odd time. The game released in 2017 as direct competition to Overwatch, which was the most popular hero shooter on the market at that time. Ultimately, LawBreakers didn't garner the interest and player numbers required to keep Boss Key Productions afloat, so the studio pivoted to Radical Heights, a Battle Royale game that suffered a similar fate. After both games failed to garner enough interest, Bleszinski was forced to shut down Boss Key Productions and the IPs were sold off, with Nexon acquiring LawBreakers and Squanch Games acquiring Radical Heights.

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