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Destiny 2’s PlayStation exclusive content will head to PC and Xbox in 2018

Sony has had a long-standing partnership with Activision/Bungie when it comes to Destiny and that won't be changing with the release of Destiny 2. PlayStation players will have access to some in-game content exclusively. However, Bungie has confirmed that this exclusive content will eventually make its way to Xbox and PC… in 2018.

Right now, PlayStation's exclusive content includes a Strike, a PvP map, an exotic sniper rifle and a ship. It's nothing game-changing, though I would argue cutting out an entire strike is a fairly big deal. Still, according to Destiny 2 director Luke Smith, all of this content will head to Xbox and PC in 2018.

An exact date is unknown but it sounds like Sony has the same deal it did with Destiny 1. This means PlayStation exclusive content should stay that way for around a year. When new expansions eventually come around, we may see Sony's exclusive content topped up with a few new items here and there, which will also eventually end up on other platforms later down the line.

KitGuru Says: As much as I dislike the Sony-Bungie Destiny deal, the marketing behind it has been very clever, almost making it seem like the PS4 was the only sensible platform choice for the game. Hopefully with the game now on PC, that may start to be dialled back a bit. 

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