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Devs detail extensive customisation options in Saints Row reboot

Volition revealed the Saints Row reboot last year, initially with the goal of launching the game in early 2022. The game was swiftly delayed, especially after fans had plenty of feedback following its reveal. Now, Saints Row is back again, this time with a new look at character customisation in-game. 

The new trailer shows off the range of customisation options available in the new Saints Row, including new options for characters, weapons, vehicles, the HQ and more.

Currently, Saints Row is expected to release in August 2022, as long as no further delays are announced. The game was revealed at Gamescom in August 2021, with a February 2022 release date, before being delayed to the second half of the year just a few weeks later.

Saints Row is not tied to the previous games, so this is an entirely fresh set of characters, a new open world to explore and a new story. Not everything has changed though, the game will still see you leading the Saints gang and taking out rivals on your way to fame and fortune.

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KitGuru Says: I had a lot of fun with Saints Row back in the day but after four games and one ill-fated spin-off, things did get rather stale. Do you think this reboot will bring the spark back? 

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