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Diablo 4 public beta to be announced soon

We've learned through numerous leaks that Blizzard has been holding an ongoing private beta for Diablo IV in recent months. Now, it seems that a public beta will be taking place soon, giving us a chance to play the game early ahead of its June release. 

Diablo IV Producer, Rod Fergusson, recently hinted on Twitter that Blizzard would soon be making a beta announcement at an upcoming event.

Which event? Well it seems to be IGN Fan Fest 2023 (via PCG), as Diablo IV is on the list of featured games for the livestream. Chances are, the announcement will also go live on social media at the same time, so you don't necessarily have to be watching the stream to hear the news.

Diablo IV is currently set to release on the 6th of June, but Blizzard typically likes to beta test well ahead of time, so a late March – early April timeframe seems like a reasonable estimate.

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KitGuru Says: Are any of you waiting to get your hands on Diablo IV? Will you be looking to play the beta before buying? 

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