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Diablo IV includes return of the Rogue class

We were all awaiting new Diablo IV news at BlizzCon this weekend. Last night during the event's big opening ceremony, we got our latest look at the game, this time with a trailer focusing on the Rogue class. 

The Rogue is returning for Diablo IV, after not appearing in a Diablo game since the original. The Rogue will be one of the first classes available in Diablo 4, joining previously announced classes: Barbarian, Sorceress and Druid.

The Rogue class won't be exactly the same as we remember. Long-range combat will be one build option, but you can also set up the Rogue to play more like the Assassin class from Diablo 2 with more close-ranged combat abilities.

Stealth abilities, temporary invulnerability and damage buffs are all also possible with the Rogue class. In Diablo IV, we can expect class-specific quests too. For the Rogue, players will be able to choose between different factions of Rogues and work with them on missions throughout Sanctuary.

You can get a good look at the class and its different abilities in the trailer. Diablo IV does not have a release date yet, but it won't be coming out this year. Instead, we'll be getting Diablo 2: Resurrected in 2021 to help ease the wait for Diablo IV's eventual debut.

KitGuru Says: Are many of you looking forward to Diablo IV? Are you satisfied with what was announced at BlizzCon, or were you hoping to see a bit more of the game? 

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