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EA exec thinks games are too hard to learn

An EA executive thinks that the games of today are too hard to learn, stating that the average gamer spends two consecutive hours just learning how to play the most basic games. Last night at the D.I.C.E summit in Las Vegas, EA Chief Creative Officer, Richard Hilleman, commented on game difficulty during a group interview.

“Our games are actually still too hard to learn,” Hilleman said during an on-stage interview with other developers. “The average player probably spends two hours to learn how to play the most basic game.”


He went on to add that “asking for two hours of somebody's time–most of our customers, between their normal family lives…to find two contiguous hours to concentrate on learning how to play a video game is a big ask”.

This all came in response to a statement by the interviewer, who said that he would prefer that controller and button maps would stay the same across franchises and established series.

A little later in the interview, Shadow of Mordor design director, Michael de Plater, said that he expects to see more games begin to incorporate RPG elements:

“Every game is an RPG now. You wouldn't make a game without progression and levels and XP. And I think every game is going to be a social game…good ideas propagate.”

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KitGuru Says: I'm not sure I agree with the idea that today's basic games are too hard and can take two hours to learn. Although I imagine coming to grips with a controller or mouse and keyboard could be difficult for someone new to the gaming medium. What do you guys think? Are games these days too difficult?

Source: Gamespot

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