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Eve Online currently has its lowest player count since 2008

Eve Online has reported its lowest player numbers in the last seven years. The space-based MMORPG has been one of the most popular subscription based games over the last few years and is one of the few that have lasted this long without switching to a free to play model.

According to this graph made by a Eve Online player by the name of JesterTrek, the amount of concurrent players hit its lowest point since 2008 in January this year, with just over 21,000 players logged in at once. This is quite a bit lower than the January 2014 results, which topped in at around 33,000 concurrent players.


Now there could be plenty of reasons for the decline in players. MMOs have been losing their appeal in recent years so there is probably a lack of new players coming in compared to several years ago. Additionally, there have been plenty of changes to the game over time.

The game isn't all that accessible to new players wanting to jump in, veteran players may have finally given up or maybe less people are using alternate accounts and are less serious about mining resources and gaming the economy than they used to be. Either way, 21,000 concurrent players is still quite a few so I wouldn't go expecting the game's downfall anytime soon.

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KitGuru Says: Eve Online is a game that has always intrigued me but like with any MMO, I don't know enough people who play to truly get in to it myself. We do tend to hear about these massive space battles from time to time that result in thousands of dollars worth of damage to in-game ships and such. Do any of you guys continue to play Eve? Did any of you used to? What made you finally stop?

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