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Fallout 76 ties physics to frame rate, allowing for ‘speed hacks’ on PC

When it comes to PC gaming, tying physics to frame rate is generally a bad move. Especially since a lot of people like to use high refresh rate monitors and an unlocked frame rate. Unfortunately, it looks like Bethesda didn't take this into account with the Fallout 76 beta on PC, as unlocking the game's frame rate will double the player's movement speed.

In Fallout 76, you can edit the .ini file to fix resolutions, motion blur and other parts of the game. This includes unlocking the 60 frames per second cap. Bethesda's engine has never been particularly good at handling refresh rates over 60Hz, but it looks like the studio is either going to have to lock down the configuration file, or fix the physics issue entirely if it wants to keep Fallout 76 fair in an online multiplayer setting.

This will unfortunately continue to affect the Fallout 76 beta, as Bethesda has confirmed to Polygon that a fix won't be out until the game launches. This isn't the only issue that PC players have encountered with the Fallout 76 beta.

When the beta initially launched on PC, many were forced to redownload the entire game, forcing them to miss the four-hour window. Today, there will be an extended beta on the PC, lasting from 6PM to 3AM UK time.

KitGuru Says: I'm going to be trying out Fallout 76 later today, although the lack of 21:9 support and fixed FOV have dampened my spirits a little. Did any of you try the beta earlier this week? What did you think of the game so far?

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