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Final Fantasy 14 returns to sale after six week hiatus

Shortly after the launch of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, Square Enix faced a massive influx of new players, putting major stress on servers and forcing the publisher to pause sales of the game. Now after six weeks, the issues appear to have subsided and Final Fantasy 14 is available to purchase once again for any newcomers looking to get into the MMO.

Final Fantasy 14 was initially pulled from sale on the 15th of December, a week after the Endwalker expansion launched. Many of those trying to play the expansion at launch were met with lengthy server queues and network errors. Now six weeks on, logging in is a fairly painless experience, and new servers have been introduced for the Oceanic region.

With a new data centre in place and the launch hype wave dying down, Square Enix has now deemed it safe to sell Final Fantasy 14 again, so anyone that has been waiting to pick the game up since the pause can now do so.

Unfortunately, as PCGamer points out, the free trial for the game is still unavailable at this time, which grants access to A Realm Reborn (base game) and Heavensward content to new account holders. As long as servers remain stable, the free trial should return soon as well.

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KitGuru Says: Final Fantasy 14 is back to being a money-making machine for Square Enix. Now that the game is back on sale, will any of you be jumping in for the first time?

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