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Final Fantasy XV’s 60 frames per second patch isn’t very good

Yesterday, the long awaited 60 frames per second patch for the PS4 Pro version of Final Fantasy XV launched. The patch changes the ‘lite mode' within the game options, which previously gave 1080p visuals at 30 frames per second. Now, the visuals remain at 1080p in lite mode but the frame rate is capable of hitting 60, unfortunately, it seems that hitting 60 frames per second might actually be a rare occurrence.

The excellent Digital Foundry analysed the latest PS4 Pro patch for Final Fantasy XV yesterday, finding that on average, the frame rate in lite mode tends to average out at 45 frames per second and rarely even comes close to hitting 60 frames per second.

This means that Final Fantasy XV's frame rate is very variable while running in lite mode, leading to an unsteady and somewhat jerky experience overall. You can see some of it in action in the video above.

Unfortunately, the PS4 Pro's high graphics mode isn't much better. This mode boosts resolution up to 3200×1800 and maintains a pretty steady 30 frames per second. Unfortunately, frame pacing is all over the place which leads to quite a bit of stutter. With that in mind, it seems that Square Enix may want to tweak Final Fantasy XV a bit more on the PS4 Pro as frame pacing isn't an issue on other versions of the game.

KitGuru Says: I imagine a lot of PS4 Pro owners were looking forward to running Final Fantasy XV at 60 frames per second but unfortunately, it doesn't look like that will be achievable- at least not consistently. Hopefully the experimental PC version of Final Fantasy XV will fare better. 

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