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Garry’s Mod successor ‘S&Box’ finally opening up preview access

Garry's Mod has been going strong for decades at this point, but the team at Face Punch studios has been hard at work on a spiritual successor known as S&Box, which will utilise Valve's newer Source 2 engine. So far, the game has been closed off to most thanks to an invite-only testing scheme. However, the studio is finally ready to let more players in. 

Getting into the S&Box test has not been easy, typically requiring some mod development credentials, or game developer connections to be allowed in. This made sense at first, as like Garry's Mod, S&Box will need community participants to create new game modes. However, we are now several years into development, making it time to finally allow a wider circle of players to gain access.

As part of the S&Box June 2024 development blog, Face Punch confirmed that it is planning to get rid of the current invite system. In its place, sign-ups for beta access will be opened up to all. You will still need to be accepted in order to access the preview version of the game, but you will no longer need to spam Garry on his socials for an invite code.

There is still no clear timeline for S&Box but the move towards a more widely accessible preview is encouraging. I would still expect the game to launch in early access when it does eventually open up to all players.

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KitGuru Says: I played a lot of Garry's Mod when I was younger, so I've had a keen eye on S&Box since its announcement. Fingers crossed many long-time fans will now be able to check it out first hand. 

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