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GeForce Now gains Iron Harvest, Crusader Kings III, Guild Wars and more

Its time for another GeForce Now library update, this time headlined by Crusader Kings III and Iron Harvest, both of which are joining the GeForce Now library alongside their same day release on Steam. 

There are no specific ‘returning' games this time around, but interestingly enough, Guild Wars: Game of the Year Edition is now part of the library. If you want to revisit one of the 2000s best MMOs, then this is a new way to do just that.

Here is the full list of new games hitting GeForce Now today:

  • Crusader Kings III (day-and-date release on Steam — Sept. 1)
  • Iron Harvest  (day-and-date release on Steam— Sept 1)
  • WRC 9 FIA World Rally Championship (day-and-date release on Epic Games Store— Sept 3)
  • Gunfire Reborn
  • The Settlers 7: History Edition (Uplay)
  • Guild Wars: Game of the Year

You should be able to find all of these games within the GeForce Now app starting today. Here in the UK, the games list usually updates at around 9PM BST.

KitGuru Says: Have many of you been using GeForce Now recently? How have you found it so far? 

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