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Hellblade 2 is coming to PC as well as Xbox Series X

Two of the biggest surprises to come out of The Game Awards this year were the announcements of the Xbox Series X console and Hellblade 2. While the initial announcement only confirmed Ninja Theory’s sequel for Xbox Series X, Microsoft has since confirmed that the game is indeed also coming to PC.

Over the last few years, Microsoft has committed itself to delivering first-party exclusives to both Xbox consoles and PC. That approach won’t be changing as we enter the next console generation, with Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg confirming that Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 is being developed ‘exclusively’ for Xbox Series X and PC.

We don’t know much about Hellblade 2 yet, but the trailer showed off some impressive cinematics for the game, with Heilung delivering a suitably angry soundtrack.

The original Hellblade was impressive for its focus and production value while keeping to an indie-developer budget. Now with Microsoft’s backing, Ninja Theory has expanded, upgraded and will be able to set aside a much bigger budget for the sequel. Hellblade 2 is still in early development but hopefully next year, we’ll start to hear a bit more about it.

KitGuru Says: I think many of us expect newly announced Xbox titles to also be available on PC at this point, but it is nice to hear that the strategy won’t be changing when Xbox Series X launches. Did many of you play the original Hellblade? Or are you planning on playing it now after the sequel announcement? 

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