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Hideo Kojima wants to make ‘the scariest horror game’

Hideo Kojima has only just finished Death Stranding but it looks like he is keen to get on with a new game as soon as possible. Prior to leaving Konami, Kojima was working on a brand new Silent Hills game, which had a hugely beloved demo called PT. Kojima can't make Silent Hill now, but he is preparing to make “the scariest horror game”.

In preparation for pre-production of the next Kojima Productions title, Hideo Kojima is back to watching scary movies for inspiration on a new horror game. He also shared that Thai horror film, The Eye, served as inspiration for PT and is now watching it again.

While the full version of PT can't be a Silent Hills game anymore, that doesn't mean Kojima can't re-work some of it for an original IP instead. If he's returning to the inspirations behind PT, then we may well end up a spiritual successor of sorts.

As always though, plans can change. Kojima might be exploring different options for his next game, although horror does seem to be at the top of the list for now.

KitGuru Says: Death Stranding was very experimental for an open-world game but given all of the excitement that PT generated, I am sure a lot of fans are going to be looking forward to a full-length horror from Kojima. Perhaps some of Kojima's film industry pals will return too. 

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