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Hitman’s first season is complete, second season of content confirmed

IO Interactive has wrapped up development on the first season of Hitman with the final content drop taking players to Japan. It turns out that the experimental release schedule has paid off too as not only have critics been quite fond of Hitman as it's gone on throughout the year, but there have been enough regular players to warrant a second season of content.

Hitman Production Director, Hakan Abrak confirmed recently in an interview that a second Hitman season would be happening. This comes just a few months after we heard that IO Interactive would be open to continuing Hitman with another season.


Speaking to the French site Gamergen, Abrak said: “Yes, there is a second season”, going on to say that the studio's goal is to create a ‘high-fidelity sandbox' in which players can roam freely and get creative with their methods. The first season of the game also left avenues open for more content, as a base for the characters has been built.

There is no word on when a second season would release but if things have been planned ahead, perhaps we will see it kick off in 2017. Hitman's first season will finally get a physical release in January too.

KitGuru Says: Now that all of the content is available, I might jump back in for Hitman and play through the rest of it. I was sceptical when it came to the season release method for this game but it seems to have worked out quite well in the long run. Have any of you guys been keeping up with the first season of Hitman? Would you jump back in for season 2?

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