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Blizzard is recreating Diablo 1 in Diablo 3, Necromancer class coming

There have been plenty of rumours in the build-up to Blizzcon with lots of talk surrounding Diablo in particular. However, it turns out most of the rumours fell slightly off the mark as Blizzard announced this week that Diablo 1 has been recreated within Diablo 3, bringing back the 16 levels and four main bosses of the original game. On top of that, the Necromancer class is also heading to the game.

Diablo 1's story and content will be heading into Diablo 3 as part of a free patch which will also include a special graphics filter to switch between the old grainy look and the new spruced up visuals. This patch should launch quite soon.

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rt1bLufR-VA']

Diablo 3 will also be getting the Necromancer class, which is a ‘reimagining' of the same class from Diablo 2, though some old abilities will be carrying over. “Necromancers can expect darker, more controlled gameplay centred around the raw materials of life: blood and bone. Grounded in a philosophical, pragmatic approach to life and death, they’re more like a calculated conductor of the darkest arts. Deadly serious in their practice, they are the experts of curses and reanimation—and their pets obey their every command.”

The Necromancer will be sold as part of the ‘Rise of the Necromancer' DLC pack, which will also include two additional character slots for the game, two extra loot tabs, an in-game pet, a banner and a portrait frame. The Necromancer won't be coming until some point in 2017 though, so there is a bit of a wait.

KitGuru Says: I've been looking for a reason to jump back into Diablo recently and this might just be the thing to hook me back in. Not only will it be fun to revisit Diablo 1's content, but the Necromancer class sounds very fun to play. Are any of you guys still playing Diablo? Will you be jumping back in for this new content?

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