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HTC teases reveals at Valve’s VR showcase but don’t get too excited

HTC has been trying to hype up its Vive virtual reality headset ever since its initial unveiling last year. At one point, the company teased Half-Life 3 and later had to apologize for it, the company then announced a ‘huge technological breakthrough' for the Vive that actually turned out to be underwhelming to many and now the company is teasing what Valve has in store for its VR Showcase, which takes place soon.

Writing on the HTC Vive Twitter account, the company said: “Now that we've unveiled the Vive Pre at CES, who is excited to see what Valve is unveiling at their content showcase?” Now that sounds a lot like Valve is planning to reveal its own game or VR experience but unfortunately, this doesn't seem to be the case at all.


Following on from HTC's tweet, one of Valve's internal VR developers, Chet Faliszek also got on Twitter to clarify a few things and bring the excitement levels down: “Just to clarify for everyone, the content showcase is about highlighting select 3rd party experiences. Valve is not showing content there”.

So the Steam VR showcase, which takes place later this month, won't feature a major first-party announcement from Valve but it will be used to show off the work of 3rd party developers.

KitGuru Says: HTC has been trying hard to hype up the Vive but it seems that every time it brings up something about a future Valve game it just gets denied or retracted later on.  


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