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Humble Bundle supporters have donated over $50 million to charity

The Humble Bundle has been around and remained popular for a while now, it's largely seen as a way for gamers to pick up a few titles on the cheap while also supporting a good cause. The scheme has paid off as well, as it has been revealed that Humble Bundle supporters have managed to raise over $50 million for charity.

These ‘pay what you want' sales have gone on to support charities such as Child's Play, the EFF, American Redcross and Doctors without Borders. Humble Bundle co-founder and COO, John Graham gave a statement on the milestone: “It is hard to truly comprehend the magnitude of $50 million for charity.”


“We owe our thanks to the generosity of the Humble Bundle community—to the content creators who entrust us with their works of art and to the consumers—for making this possible.”

Humble Bundle has also expanded with its own digital store recently, the Humble store is currently having a winter sale, allowing you to pick up games like Company of Heroes 2, FTL, Don't Starve and Deus EX: Human Revolution Directors Cut on the cheap before tomorrow's Steam sale kicks off.

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KitGuru Says: The Humble Bundle was a great idea and it has given gamers a platform to help support good causes. $50 million for charity is a very good milestone, especially considering that the site hasn't been around for too long.

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