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Cuphead delayed again, but Thumper is out now

When KitGuru visits shows like Insomnia Series and EGX, we like to spend a lot of time covering all of the new and innovative indie games that are in the works, watching them grow and develop over the years. Now that Thumper is finally out, we're pretty excited, but the fact …

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EA to launch Unravel early next year

One of the highlights of EA's E3 press conference this year was the announcement of Unravel, a charming little platformer in which you play as a character made out of yarn and use that to help you make your way through the levels. It looks like the game is set …

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Little Devil Inside is a beautiful Greenlight RPG

Even though many game developers like to continue the march towards an inevitable day when graphics will become truly photo-realistic, often a title can feel much more engaging if it has a unique art style instead of one designed with the real world in mind. That's certainly something Little Devil …

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