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Insomniac almost had Miles Morales don the Symbiote Suit in Spider-Man 2

Insomniac struck gold once again with Spider-Man 2 this year, telling a new story centred around both Peter Parker and Miles Morales, with both featuring prominently throughout with their own sets of missions that intertwine over the course of the campaign. As it turns out, the voice actor for Venom recorded a lot more dialogue than what is featured in the game and a sequence in which Miles would don the symbiote suit was removed from the game. 

Every major video game ends up going through edits along the way, leading to cuts and unfinished content being left behind. Typically, we don't hear the details around this content unless some of it is left behind in the game files, allowing dataminers to discover it, or if someone who worked on the game spills the beans. In this instance, the voice actor for Venom gave us some insight on what didn't make it into the final game.

Speaking at the FanExpo in San Francisco, as reported by Evan Filarca, voice actor, Tony Todd, revealed that he recorded a lot of unused dialogue for the game, including lines for a section of the game in which Miles Morales would come into direct contact with the symbiote and don the famous symbiote suit himself. This was cut out from the final game, instead only having Peter Parker directly encounter the Symbiote, with Miles witnessing the change it induces in his mentor from a distance. Todd also estimates that only 10% of his recorded lines made it into the game. I would assume this is a slight exaggeration rather than a factual percentage, but still, it is interesting to hear.

Some of these cut ideas could reappear in the future. Some easter eggs within Spider-Man 2 do hint at the existance of a multiverse. Perhaps a DLC in which Miles encounters the symbiote in a more direct fashion is on the cards but I think it is more likely that this was intended for the main story, but the writers changed their minds along the way and decided that it would be more fitting and concise to just have Peter Parker struggle with the symbiote infection, creating a situation where Miles has to sit back and wonder what is happening to his usually level-headed mentor. Sometimes less is more and I think that is the approach Insomniac took here.

In an interview earlier this year, Insomniac did hint at the idea of a Venom spin-off. If you played Spider-Man 2, you'll have got a sneak peek at what this could be like already, as there is a section where you play as Venom for a while, with more aggressive finishing moves and devastating attacks. With that in mind, Tony Todd may well return to record more Venom lines somewhere down the line and some of what was meant for Spider-Man 2 could be re-used to flesh it out.

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KitGuru Says: An extra mission or set of missions in which Miles faced his own struggles with the symbiote could have been interesting but I also think that it would have bogged down the overall game and it would have been a tad redundant to play through all of that as Peter and then do the same thing with Miles. 

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