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InXile Entertainment is already working on multiple new RPGs

While InXile isn't the biggest headline grabber in Microsoft's arsenal of developers, the studio is generating plenty of excitement this year. Not only has Wasteland 3 released to great critical acclaim, but the studio also has two more RPGs in the works. 

InXile Entertainment has expanded since being acquired to Microsoft and has set its sights on bigger and more ambitious projects. Aside from a smaller VR shooter coming later this year, InXile has two more full-blown RPGs in the works, one of which is just starting to take shape in pre-production, while the other has been in the works for a bit longer.

InXile CEO, Brian Fargo, confirmed as much on Twitter this week, confirming that the studio is working on “wonderful RPGs” but adding that “it's too bad that they take so long to make”. One of those RPGs is in “the infancy of pre-production” too, so it could be quite a long time before we see them in action.

Microsoft acquired InXile Entertainment in late 2017 alongside Obsidian Entertainment. Since then, InXile has primarily been focused on completing and shipping Wasteland 3. With that now out of the way, the studio can push more resources onto its next big project.

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KitGuru Says: I'm looking forward to seeing what InXile can accomplish in the years to come under Microsoft. Perhaps we'll get a teaser for what's next sometime in 2021. 

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