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Lawbreakers Closed Beta 2 kicks off this weekend

Back in 2015, Cliff Bleszinski founded his new studio ‘Boss Key Productions' and began working away on Lawbreakers, a competitive shooter set in a world where we have the technology to manipulate gravity. There was a round of closed beta tests in 2016 and since then, Boss Key has been making some tweaks and working on additional content. This brings us to today's announcement, this week there will be a second wave of beta testing, featuring a new playable character, a new map and a new game mode.

The second beta for Lawbreakers takes place from the this Thursday and ends on Sunday. Here is a list of what's new:

  • A new playable role: Wraith
  • A new map: Reactor.
  • A new mode: Blitzball
  • Spectator Mode – Watch the Developer Diary video here
  • Custom Match
  • Exclusive Beta Kick Decal for Beta participants
  • New customizations
  • Bugs fixes and gameplay updates

There is a developer update video, which you can see above, explaining some of the new features found in the new beta. The biggest new addition does appear to be the new Wraith character, which can triple jump, run along walls and attack other players with an exploding blade. Wraith is described as a ‘high skill' character though, so it will take some practise to master.

As with the original beta, this second beta does require you to sign up. From there, you will be sent a code to redeem the game on Steam. If you were already accepted in the original beta, then you don't need to sign up again for this one, you'll automatically have access. The full game is expected to come out sometime this year.

KitGuru Says: I had the chance to play in the original Lawbreakers beta and the game was very fun from what I played. I'll be looking forward to checking out the new changes this weekend. Have any of you had the chance to play Lawbreakers yet?

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