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Managing Director of Skull and Bones studio is no longer at Ubisoft

Skull and Bones has been in development for a long time now and has often been the subject of delays. This week, the development team is seemingly getting a shake-up, as it has been reported that the studio head overseeing the project has been fired. 

An internal email sent to Ubisoft Singapore staff was obtained by Kotaku today, which states that “effective immediately, Hugues Ricour is no longer Managing Director of Ubisoft Singapore”. Ricour previously oversaw all of Ubisoft Singapore's projects, including Skull and Bones, as well as co-production responsibilities on other big Ubisoft titles.

According to the report, Ricour's departure follows a leadership audit, something that Ubisoft has been doing at all of its major studios following reports of employee misconduct within Ubisoft's upper ranks.

The results of the audit apparently made it “impossible” for him to continue working, indicating that there were a number of on-going problems at Ubisoft Singapore due to leadership.

KitGuru Says: It sounds like Ubisoft Singapore has been struggling for a while now. Hopefully Ubisoft continues to take action and can finally get the studio sailing smoothly. 

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