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Nintendo faces another lawsuit over Joy-Con drift

Nintendo has faced plenty of lawsuits regarding issues with the Switch Joy-Con controllers. This week, another one was added to the pile, this time claiming that Nintendo is knowingly selling a “defective” device.

Polygon shared the legal filing this week, which says: “This defect significantly interferes with gameplay and this compromises the Switch and Joy-Con controller's core functionality”. The lawsuit also cites a ‘technical expert' assessment, which explains the design flaw leading to Joy-Con drift.

“The difference in surface hardness between the steel brush and the carbon pad results in excessive wear debris that collects on the steel brush tips. This transferred debris exacerbates the wear of the pad. The wear of the carbon (a known soft material) by the steel brushes (a known hard material) inevitably causes the joysticks to fail.”

Nintendo has not publicly commented on the lawsuit yet. However, there is a growing pile of lawsuits at this point, so the company will have to respond eventually.

KitGuru Says: I recently replaced my own Joy-Cons after dealing with drift issues. Have any of you encountered this problem with your own Nintendo Switch? Do you think Nintendo should be doing more to solve the problem?

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