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Marvel Rivals studio apologises for shady content creator program agreement

Marvel Rivals is going through a closed alpha playtest on PC right now, which has already led to a few leaks, including footage of all the characters currently in-game, all their unique abilities, and code pointing towards a huge list of post-launch characters being planned. While the game was garnering some positive attention, players began taking issue with the terms and conditions you have to accept to take part in the playtest, which includes waiving your right to say anything negative about the game. 

The contract included a clause that said those participating in the playtest could not say anything negative about the game, in any way, shape or form. this quickly caught the attention of content creators, leading to some backlash online. Typically with pre-release playtests, an NDA is involved, but this situation was different, as players were allowed to talk about taking part in the playtest and positive statements about the game would have been allowed.

How such an oversight could be allowed is uncertain, as something like this was never going to fly once made public. Still, the developers have been quick to address it, removing the problematic clause from the Content Creator Program agreement. The new public stance from the dev team is that any and all feedback will be valuable when it comes to making the game as good as it can be.

The developers even refer to the initial terms as “excessively restrictive”, so it seems a lesson has truly been learned here. Hopefully that marks the end of this situation.

Marvel Rivals does not yet have a release date but playtests will be happening throughout the summer. Currently, the game features 14 characters on the roster, but leaks have revealed as many as 39 characters are planned.

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