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Mass Effect 3 multiplayer could return in Legendary Edition

During the development of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, BioWare made the decision to purely focus on the single-player experience, dropping multiplayer and rebalancing Mass Effect 3 for single-player progression only. While the remasters don't have multiplayer right now, that could change in the future if there is enough demand. 

Speaking with Cnet recently, Legendary Edition director, Mac Walters, revealed that after taking in the reception to the remastered trilogy, the studio may revisit the idea of also remastering Mass Effect 3's multiplayer mode.

Here is the full quote (via PCGamer): “I would never say no to that—we want to see what kind of reception the Legendary Edition gets and what the demand for the multiplayer is. And then we'll ask ourselves if we have the resources and time to bring it up to the quality level we and fans want.”

Mass Effect 3's multiplayer has something of a cult following, putting a three-man squad up against waves of enemies across different maps. This multiplayer mode also carried over to Mass Effect Andromeda, although multiplayer progress wasn't tied to the campaign as it was in the original version of Mass Effect 3.

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KitGuru Says: Have many of you been playing Mass Effect: Legendary Edition over the weekend? Would you like to see ME 3 multiplayer return? 

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