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Gigabyte updates its RTX 3060 lineup with Lite Hash Rate versions

Following Galax's announcement, Gigabyte is now the second AiB partner introducing its new RTX 30 series cards with LHR chips. Expect more manufacturers to join Gigabyte and Galax in the coming days and weeks.

The new cards were initially spotted by @momomo_us, who also shared links of the rev 2.0 of the Aorus RTX 3060 Elite, the RTX 3060 Gaming OC, the RTX 3060 Vision OC, the RTX 3060 Eagle, and the RTX 3060 Eagle OC.

If you look at the listed features in any of the product pages of the aforementioned cards, you'll notice that they are listed as “LHR (Lite Hash Rate) version.” Although it's not specified, the LHR versions are the new RTX 30 series cards featuring Nvidia's latest anti-mining technology.

The specifications of the LHR and non-LHR seem to be the same, except for the GPU. Instead of featuring the GA106-300 GPU used in the non-LHR graphics, the rev 2.0 cards should feature the GA106-302 GPU.

Although there are already AiB partners introducing LHR cards, Nvidia hasn't officially announced them yet.

KitGuru says: If you were to buy a new RTX 30 series graphics cards, would you avoid buying an LHR version?

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