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Nvidia is updating RTX 3060 with stronger anti-mining measures

Nvidia will soon be correcting its mistake with a new crypto-mining limiter for the RTX 3060. The patch notes for Nvidia's latest graphics drivers confirm that the mining limiter will be updated, but only for GPUs shipped from mid-May onwards. 

The patch notes of the graphics driver 466.27 confirm the rumour that the RTX 3060 is being updated with new anti-mining tech. Now, we just need to wait and see if Nvidia is planning to do the same with other RTX 30 series graphics cards by using the new LHR GPUs.

We still can't confirm if the newly produced RTX 3060 graphics cards will use the revised GA106-302 chip. However, VideoCardz confirmed that the new GPU does have a new PCI Device ID as expected.

By using a new PCI Device ID, any customer buying an RTX 3060 that has been shipped in mid-May or later must have the Nvidia graphics driver 466.27 or a newer version. This will fix the workaround of using Nvidia's beta driver, which accidentally shipped with the mining limiter removed. If things go as planned, this will stop the RTX 3060 from being an attractive option for crypto mining farms and redirect those customers to the new CMP HX series.

KitGuru says: Do you think the GPU stock situation will improve by introducing new GPUs with anti-mining capabilities? How much time will it take to notice a difference in the availability of RTX 3060 cards?

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