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Computers are now better than you at recognising stuff


On average, us flesh sacks can recognise stuff in pictures pretty well, with an error rate of around 5.1% according to a recent study. Previously computers could come pretty close to that, getting around 6.66% of objects wrong. Now however, a new computer vision system from Microsoft Research is actually managing to …

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Why doesn’t BT have the Vision?

One of the larger technology sites recently ran a poll to find out where enthusiasts go for their TV entertainment. The options given were skewed heavily in favour of British respondents, but while most of the results could be categorised as predictable – one sticks out a mile. KitGuru ponders …

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Strong Sony movement toward AMD?

Sony Centre ready for AMD

Funny thing about technology journalism. No one talks about a topic and it’s not in the public domain. You then do a story and suddenly you’re inundated with new information. That happened over the weekend, during our server move (yes, we know, KitGuru works overtime, Saturdays, Sundays and during the …

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