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Get up close and personal with David Ginola on 29th May

Although most of us remember David Ginola from his shirt-ripping days at Aston Villa, his most successful spell actually came at the other North London Club, Spurs. Turns out though, he's done more useful work than simply kicking his balls around a pitch.

If you are a Spurs fan or just like famous French men, then (football Kit)Guru invites you to join like-minded individuals at PC World’s Tottenham Hale branch at 4:00pm on 29th May.

Ginola will be working hard on the day to help raise awareness of his work with the very deserving Vision Charity. Established in 1975, it aims to improve the lives of blind people everywhere and helps sponsor major footballing events like the IBSA World Blind Football Championships this August.

Appropriately, Ginola will be armed with a personalised FLASH drive on the day, just in case any flashing is needed at the event.

According to how much the prospective Spurs fan is prepared to invest, Ginola’s FLASH comes in 3 formats; 4GB for those who like it petite, 8GB for those who need a bit more filling than most and a positively whopping 16GB for the lady who just can't get enough.

Not sure if you will be able to take the shirt off Ginola's back on the night, but there's no harm in trying ladies.

Kirsty Miller, one of Kingston's top spinnetts, was overheard saying  that she was “Very excited”.

KitGuru says: If you're anywhere near, go and hear what young David has to say about this special charity and see if you can win some free stuff while you're at it. First person to send us a shot of David with his shirt off will get a mystery prize from the KitGuru kit-vault!

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