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Samsung: Post-DDR4 memory to hit 6.40GHz, to arrive after 2020

The development of DDR4 began several years before DDR3 was commercialized and it took DDR4 about nine years to get from the drawing board into actual computers. Right now key industry players are already working on the standard, which will succeed DDR4. According to Samsung Electronics, prototypes of the new …

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Kingston HyperX Fury 16GB USB 3.0 Review

Kingston is already well known for its desktop RAM modules and Solid State Drives but they also make flash drives for those of you who need to back up data and take it on the go. Chances are, you have several USB sticks lying around already so what makes the …

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G.Skill adds 3333MHz DDR4 memory modules into lineup

G.Skill this week added two new DDR4 options into the lineup of its memory modules. The new quad-channel memory kits for Intel Corp.’s latesthigh-end desktop “Haswell-E” platforms run at industry-leading frequencies of 3300MHz/3333MHz. The new “extreme high-end” Ripjaws 4-series DDR4 memory modules come in 16GB quad-channel kits. G.Skill's latest DDR4 memory …

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Apple may cease offering 16GB iPhone models

While 16GB of storage was sufficient for mobile devices three or four years ago, at present it is not really enough if one wants to keep a lot of photos and apps on his/her smartphone or tablet. Apple has long been criticized for its 16GB devices and it looks like …

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Patriot goes Supersonic with Mini data transfer

While most data transfers actually happen at a terrific speed, there's still that ‘tapping your fingers – waiting for it to be over' feeling when you need to move a big chunk of data quickly. Patriot has now launched the Supersonic Mini which it hopes will go some way to …

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