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Patriot goes Supersonic with Mini data transfer

While most data transfers actually happen at a terrific speed, there's still that ‘tapping your fingers – waiting for it to be over' feeling when you need to move a big chunk of data quickly. Patriot has now launched the Supersonic Mini which it hopes will go some way to helping. KitGuru installs smaller finger tips to investigate.

While bigger may be better in the bedroom (you know, bed size, TV and pillows) – the world of IT often favours the smaller/faster approach.

With the launch of the 16GB and 32GB versions of Patriot's Supersonic Mini pen drive, that theory will be tested.

The outer casing is smaller than conventional pen drives – while the electronics have been given a touch of the turbo.

Patriot claims speed advantages that will take you up to 80MB/sec – something like 10-20% more than we're used to.

“In an always connected fast paced world, the consumer is demanding better portability and great performance from their USB storage solutions”, said Meng Jay Choo, who heads up Patriot's Flash Memory efforts. “The Patriot Supersonic Mini is one of the smallest USB 3 form factors available and offers excellent speeds for large file transfers. Never again will you have to sacrifice performance for

Compatible with any operating system you're likely to throw at it, the new products will cost around £15 for the 16GB version and £25 for the larger 32GB. That's less that £1 per GB. Not bad.

It's covered in soft, durable rubber as well. The way you like it.

We didn't think there was anything else that a Patriot could do to make USB more attractive


KitGuru says: If the price premium isn't too high, why wouldn't you choose the smaller, faster option?

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