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Samsung: Post-DDR4 memory to hit 6.40GHz, to arrive after 2020

The development of DDR4 began several years before DDR3 was commercialized and it took DDR4 about nine years to get from the drawing board into actual computers. Right now key industry players are already working on the standard, which will succeed DDR4. According to Samsung Electronics, prototypes of the new …

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Samsung begins to produce 8Gb DDR4 memory, 32GB DDR4 modules

Samsung Electronics has begun to produce 8Gb DDR4 memory chips. The new memory devices will power 32GB DDR4 modules and open the doors to 128GB DDR4 memory modules for high-end enterprise-class servers. The 8Gb DDR4 ICs are produced using 20nm fabrication process. Samsung’s 8Gb DDR4 memory chip can operate at …

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Patriot goes Supersonic with Mini data transfer

While most data transfers actually happen at a terrific speed, there's still that ‘tapping your fingers – waiting for it to be over' feeling when you need to move a big chunk of data quickly. Patriot has now launched the Supersonic Mini which it hopes will go some way to …

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Adata and Kingston disect 32GB memory price jump

Most of the time, technology manufacturers keep the underlying cost of a product ‘masked' from us, the consumers. When a component suffers a temporary increase in cost, that amount is swallowed and the price on the shelf remains the same.When the price drops, the manufacturers also hang onto the difference …

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Tesco continues to suffer purchasing problems

We all believe that supermarkets have the slickest, most amazing systems for processing products and delivering them to the public at competitive prices. Recently, the emphasis has been less on ‘price match before purchase' and more on ‘refunding the difference after'. But what if parts of the Tesco purchasing team …

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