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New 32GB USB Pen Drive offer breaks the £10 barrier

We love a price cut at KitGuru. Most of the time, they just breeze past and make us smile.

But, every now and then, an offer comes along that really make you sit up and pay attention. This time it's a USB pen drive. And the price is quite scarily low.

KitGuru pulls out the Casio-FX calculator to work out just how much dodgy content such a device could hold.

We all know that the only area where punters are being stitched up is mobile memory. DDR3 pricing for laptops etc stinks. We've covered it before and we'll no doubt be forced to cover it again in the future.

While everyone has rejoiced in the ‘First 256GB drive under £100‘ and we were pleasantly surprised by the 32GB SD card for £11.99, today's offer from eBuyer is pretty impressive.

We are genuinely surprised by the 32GB drives now being under £10. Wow. bring on the 1TB.

KitGuru says: If we work on £10 for 32GB, then 100GB would be around £33. So a 1TB memory stick would be £330. While that IS a lot of money, it is not in the land of ‘totally crazy'. We're off to speak with a memory expert to find out when an affordable 1TB drive might appear in the stores near you.

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