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Spotify to launch web-browser version

Since its inception, Spotify has only been available through its desktop or mobile application. However, that’s all about to change as the streaming music service will soon be accessible through a simple web browser, making it possible to access all the music you could ask for, from wherever you are and on any browser supporting device.

This will likely open the service up to new groups of people that so far haven’t experienced Spotify. It’ll mean the service should be usable from work computers that wouldn’t be able to install the desktop application and older phones that perhaps feature a browser, but no app functions. With competitors like Pandora offering browser based access, this will certainly make Spotify more competitive.

Spotify: The lime green of the music world.

The Telegraph is speculating that this new version could replace the application, but that seems unlikely. With over 10 million users and four million paying customers, suddenly changing format to a browser-only version would cause much upset and would likely lose the company business; in the short term at least.

Whichever way it goes though, at the moment at least, Spotify is doing very well indeed, earning nearly £150 million throughout 2011.

KitGuru Says: If you haven’t used Spotify before, are you more likely to try it out if it’s accessible through a browser?

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