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Apple is recalling dodgy USB Type-C cables

Following on from reports of a Google engineer’s Chromebook Pixel dying after using a dodgy USB Type-C cable, Apple has announced that it is recalling and replacing a number of USB Type-C charging cables that it sold last year due to a “design issue”. We already know that using an …

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HP unveils entry-level workstation with Xeon Skylake, DDR4, fast SSDs

Hewlett-Packard has introduced its new-generation entry-level Z-series workstations that use a variety of new technologies, including Intel Corp.’s latest microprocessors. The new machines can run serious tasks, yet they feature compact sizes and relatively affordable price-points. The HP Z240 Tower and Z240 SFF [small form-factor] workstations are based on Intel’s …

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Not all USB type-C ports are equal: Nine versions of USB-C incoming

The reversible USB type-C connector is something that the industry has been waiting for since the introduction of the original USB bus in 1997. This year PCs, computer components and mobile devices finally started to incorporate USB-C receptacles, but not all implementations necessarily support all features introduced by the latest …

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MSI adds USB 3.1 to 12 motherboards

MicroStar International (MSI) on Friday said that it is adding USB 3.1 technology to 12 of its mainboards based on various core-logic sets and designed for different microprocessors. While all new USB 3.1-enabled motherboards from MSI will support 10Gb/s transfer rates, only two of them will sport reversible USB 3.1 …

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Asrock to add USB 3.1 to mainboards using add-in-cards

Asrock has announced two mainboards with USB 3.1 interconnection technologies. The motherboards will support Intel Corp.’s processors and will add USB 3.1 connectors using add-in-cards. It is unclear whether the boards will be sold separately to add USB 3.1 support to older systems. The family of Asrock’s mainboards with USB …

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Asustek to release mainboards with USB 3.1 later this month

Although the USB 3.1 standard with a new reversible plug, higher performance and other improvements have been around for about a year now, no commercial PCs so far have adopted it. However, things are going to change soon, when Asustek Computer launches its motherboards with the new interconnection technology. The …

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