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USB Group to issue software fix for dodgy USB Type-C cables

Over the last few months, quite a bit of awareness has been risen over cheap USB Type-C cables that don't adhere to the proper specification. These cables have been proven to cause damage to electronic devices, with one Google engineer frying a laptop with one but now, the USB Group is stepping in to try and put a stop to these issues.

The USB implementors Forum has announced the “USB Type-C Authentication specification”, a new set of software defined rules that a device can use to protect itself from electrical damage.


“host systems can confirm the authenticity of a USB device or USB charger, including such product aspects as the descriptors/capabilities and certification status. All of this happens right at the moment a wired connection is made, before inappropriate power or data can be transferred.”

This new software protection could also defend against malware hidden in a USB interface, so overall, it adds an extra layer of security for USB Type-C devices.

KitGuru Says: There were a lot of poorly made USB Type-C cables available on Amazon but even device makers like OnePlus and Apple have had to recall their own cables in the past after not meeting the proper standards. Hopefully with this additional software protection devices will no longer be at risk depending on their cable. 

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