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British companies to face big fines if data breaches occur


Despite being inclined to have firms collect endless amounts of data on their customers, the British government does at least want them to protect it. Accepting a new EU law, known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), means that when introduced in 2018, British firms will be mandated to …

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Encryption finds ally in form of U.S. senator Ron Wyden

Often it seems that politicians are either wilfully ignorant, or unconsciously so, about encryption, with the legislative changes they propose almost always railing against the obfuscating technology. Not so with all of them though, as U.S. senator Ron Wyden has promised to protect it by fighting against a push to …

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Obama government no longer going after personal encrypted data

One of the more obvious disagreements between politicians and security services, and technology leaders and journalists in recent years, has been the topic of encryption. Law makers and law enforcement have painted it as a dangerous weapon of terrorists and paedophiles, whilst many others consider it an important tool to avoid …

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Nick Clegg wants to protect journalists and whistleblowers

Nick Clegg, the current leader of the Liberal Democrat party and deputy prime minster in the UK, has called for journalists to be given more protection when it comes to releasing information that is in the public's interest. Specifically he said that he wants them to be able to technically break …

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