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Oculus responds to Rift’s major shipment delays

Following on from yesterday's reports that Oculus has had to push back Rift shipment dates by a significant margin this week, the company has decided to offer a formal statement on the matter. As we know, the Rift has been facing supply chain issues, causing pre-orders to go out late and some having their orders pushed back by months. However, Oculus has plans to increase its manufacturing efforts to try and get things back on track.

In a statement sent to us by Oculus last night, the company said: “The component shortage impacted our quantities more than we expected, and we’ve updated the shipment window to reflect these changes. We apologize for the delay.”


“We’re delivering Rifts to customers every day, and we’re focused on getting Rifts out the door as fast as we can. We’ve taken steps to address the component shortage, and we’ll continue shipping in higher volumes each week. We’ve also increased our manufacturing capacity to allow us to deliver in higher quantities, faster. Many Rifts will ship less than four weeks from original estimates, and we hope to beat the new estimates we’ve provided.”

So there you have it, Oculus is hoping to contain delays to less than four weeks, will be shipping in higher volumes in an attempt to catch up with orders and remains optimistic that further issues won't slow down the process.

KitGuru Says: As someone who had placed a pre-order for the Rift, these delays are pretty disappointing to see, particularly if you are someone who has been waiting for this tech to hit the market for years now. Have any of you got a Rift pre-ordered? How much has this delay impacted you? 


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