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Batman Arkham VR is now coming to PC

After debuting late last year as one of the first major releases for Sony’s PlayStationVR headset, Rocksteady is finally bringing Batman Arkham VR to the PC. In preparation for the upcoming PC launch, which will support both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, a new trailer has been put together to …

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Xbox One Oculus Rift streaming mode coming soon


The Oculus Rift will soon be able to support streaming games from the Xbox One, in a cinema-mode that puts the user in front of a giant virtual screen. That means the games themselves won’t be automatically turned into VR experiences, but you can play them in a variety of …

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Revive cracks Oculus DRM on Unreal Engine titles

Unsurprisingly, when the Revive project that unlocked Oculus VR’s Rift exclusivity was launched, the Facebook owned company updated its DRM to block its use. Even more unsurprising though, is that within days the Revive project is back and it’s already circumvented DRM protecting Unreal Engine titles. This all stems from an ongoing …

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Oculus signs on Fitbit’s Hans Hartmann as new COO

Oculus VR is continuing to snatch up some of the tech-world’s brightest stars, taking on Fitbit’s Hans Hartmann, who will leave his role as chief operating officer, to fulfil the same role at Oculus instead. Oculus’s current COO, Laird Malamed, is said to be taking on another executive role within …

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Oculus responds to Rift’s major shipment delays

Following on from yesterday’s reports that Oculus has had to push back Rift shipment dates by a significant margin this week, the company has decided to offer a formal statement on the matter. As we know, the Rift has been facing supply chain issues, causing pre-orders to go out late …

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