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Oculus Rift and Touch bundle price cut from £700 to £399

Back in 2014/2015, Oculus was the go-to company as far as virtual reality was concerned, then in 2016, things began snowballing downhill pretty quickly. One of the key reasons so many were turned away was pricing, the headset itself came in at £500 at launch, which was worsened by the £199 Touch controllers. Now, Oculus is hoping to win over those who were previously burned by pricing, cutting the Rift+Touch bundle down to just $399/£399- A far cry from the original £700 bundle price.

Unfortunately, this $200 price drop is only temporary, as part of the ‘Summer of Rift’ event. However, it is worth noting that prior to this, retail prices had already begun dropping in some countries, particularly in Germany, where the site Alternate.de has the Rift+Touch bundle up for 449 Euros, which is around £399. I imagine by the end of this year, the Rift will have another permanent price cut to try and encourage further sales.


If you do end up deciding to drop some cash on a Rift while they are cheap, then you can look forward to one big game launch each month for the rest of the year. This includes games like Robo Recall, Wilson’s Heart and Lone Echo, all of which were received well.

KitGuru Says: Given all the excitement and buzz there was surrounding Oculus prior to launch, it has been a shame to see things drift so far down hill so quickly. Still, the headset stacks up against the Vive well with the touch controllers, so if you wanted to give VR a whirl, £399 isn’t exactly a bad price. 

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  • Lelisevis

    It still comes down to £400 for a Rift and a few Demos and Novelty games 4-5 hrs a week or £400 for a new monitor that I will use for 5-6 hrs a day.
    The gap is closing and I’m not as Dismissive of VR as I was a year ago but it’s still not something I’m ready to sink that amount of cash into, even if my PC is much more VR capable now.

  • Richard White

    At that price, I’d probably take the leap; however as my rig really isn’t up to it at the moment and don’t have the cash to drop on a decent new gfx card, I’ll be in a holding pattern for a while longer. I have been waiting for decent home VR for over 20 years and am so excited! I really would like StarVR. That looks exactly like what I want 😉

  • TcM

    Still waiting for 2nd gen units with much higher resolution and totally wireless connectivity until then moving on….