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The Oculus Rift and Touch bundle has dropped to £350

Over the course of this year, the Oculus Rift has had a dramatic drop in price from launch. Originally, the Rift sold for £500 and late last year, the Touch controllers also went on sale for an additional £200. Over the summer, the price for the Rift and Touch dropped to £400, which was already substantial but now just in time for Christmas, Oculus has dropped the price again.

Over on the Oculus site, the company is advertising the Rift and Touch bundle for £369 for ‘a limited time', which likely means until Christmas is over. However, if you shop around, you can find the bundle even cheaper, with Amazon UK selling the bundle for £350 instead.

At £350, the Rift and Touch bundle has had a 50% price cut compared to this time last year. The user experience has also received a major upgrade this year, with Oculus Dash now available in beta form, designed entirely around the Touch controllers.

At the rate it is currently going, I wonder how much the Rift will cost this time next year, and whether or not the VIVE will drop too in order to compete.

KitGuru Says: The Rift's price tag this time last year had a lot of people raising their eyebrows and writing off early adoption of VR entirely. Does the Rift+Touch's current £350 price tag tempt you at all?

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