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SMART Modular adds 32GB Mini-DIMMs to its ULP and VLP series

SMART Modular has launched a new series of low profile DDR4-3200 Mini-DIMMs designed for industrial applications. The Mini-DIMM range now includes 32GB registered and unbuffered EEC modules in both Ultra Low Profile (ULP) and Very Low Profile (VLP) formats.

The new series of Mini-DIMMs from SMART modular have been extensively tested to ensure they operate in a wide temperature window of -40 °C to +85 °C, making them ideal for industrial applications such as telecom and networking equipment that is deployed in harsh environments. As well as extensive testing, the modules can be customised with rugged features such as conformal coating, anti-sulfur resistors or underfill to protect against excessive vibration and extend lifespan.

SMART Modular helped in the development of the JEDEC standard Mini-DIMM format. Mini-DIMMs are built with additional power and ground pins compared to traditional DIMMs to ensure a more robust operation under harsh conditions.

32GB Mini-DIMMs from SMART are available in ULP format with a height of 17.78mm and VLP height of 18.75mm, which makes them compatible with a wide range of system board height requirements. Mini-DIMMs support both Molex and Foxconn connection so the DIMMS can be mounted either vertically at 22.5° or at right angles to the board with a robust latching mechanism designed for a seven year or longer life-cycle.

SMART offers a whole range of robust solutions for industrial applications and will be showcasing these new Mini-DIMMs, along with other products at the Embedded World Exhibition and Conference 2020 between 25th-27th February at the Nuremberg Messe in Germany.

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KitGuru says: These new ruggedized Mini-DIMMS from SMART should be ideal for high capacity memory installations in system that operate under harsh environmental conditions, thanks to a wide operating temperature range and customisation options.

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