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Samsung decides not to release the 32GB Galaxy Nexus

It has become apparent through several retailers and distributors that Samsung has decided to pull the plug on bringing a 32GB Galaxy Nexus to market, leaving us only with the 16GB launch model. This would be particularly disappointing news for the many folks who were holding out for some Ice Cream Sandwich goodness on that alluring 4.65-inch 720p display…..providing it had a much bigger storage pool to dip into.

What’s particularly disheartening is the lack of a microSD card slot on this otherwise superb phone. So in the end, Samsung says we get 16GB or Nexus is once again a fading option as the mass of iPhone 4S 64GB users sit back looking all smug and content.

KitGuru says: Perhaps Samsung has now decided to put most of its eggs into the Galaxy S III basket. That might be a big mistake in this vastly growing highly competitive market however. Either way, it’s another saddening blow to the Nexus brand.

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