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Samsung assures customers that Galaxy S7’s won’t explode


Samsung has had a difficult time of things the past couple of months. Despite a much publicised recall, the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone it released just kept overheating and exploding. Ultimately it had to scrap the entire launch and call in millions of handsets, costing it billions. Looking to rebound …

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HTC partners with Usain for the ‘Bolt’ smartphone


HTC's smartphone business hasn't been going too well in recent years. Its flagship devices have failed to find the strong market they needed to be a life-saver for the company, though it has found some success in 2016 with its VR ventures. However this doesn't mean it's giving up on phones. …

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U.S. national intelligence director had his phone hacked

In yet another instance of top intelligence officials in U.S. agencies having their personal details revealed to the world, director of national intelligence, James Clapper has had his phone hacked, with calls redirected to the Free Palestine Movement. Those involved also purportedly accessed his wife's personal email account too. “We …

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UK Cold caller clampdown coming soon

Have you been pestered by cold callers lately? If you live in the UK then chances are the answer is yes, but never fear, as the government has announced a new change to traditional legislation that will make it far easier to take the companies responsible to task. Even though last year …

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Windows 10 Technical Preview arrives on phones


A few hours ago Microsoft opened up the Windows 10 Technical Preview, to a few models of Lumia phones that are currently running Windows Phone 8.1. While on the surface this upgrade isn't a massive change for Windows phone 8.1 users, underneath the covers big changes have been made, to allow …

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Aquaris E4.5 will be the first Ubuntu phone to market

Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition

Spanish mobile phone manufacturer BQ will soon be selling the first Ubuntu smartphone on the market, the Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition. Almost the same as the regular Aquaris E4.5 that runs Android, the Ubuntu version of the phone will cost €170 (about $190), but in a strange move, at first it will only be …

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Windows 10 and the case of the missing desktop


Previously with Windows RT, a specially developed version of Windows 8 made for ARM processors that ran on Surface (not Surface Pro) tablets, there was access to the desktop, but there was no way to install desktop apps. With Windows Phone 8, even though the core of Windows 8 was …

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Whatsapp web messenger launches

Whatsapp web app

Today Whatsapp made a new web app available for its popular messaging client that will allow you to talk to your contacts from your desktop browser. While this currently only works in Google Chrome, support for other browsers is planned and should be available soon. Once your phone is linked to …

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TSA bans uncharged mobiles from UK-US flights

Don't go to the airport thinking you can just charge your phone when you get on your long haul flight, as thanks to a change in policy by the US run Transportation Security Administration (TSA) those unable to prove that their mobile phone is just that – by turning it …

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Android and Windows Phone will add ability to remote brick device

The call for Google and Microsoft to offer a remote “kill switch,” on their smartphone handsets seems to have been heard, as both manufacturers have announced that future versions of their respective operating systems would include the ability to brick your device by choice, remotely, thereby rendering a stolen phone …

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Blackberry hoping to halt slide with budget handset

Blackberry is one of those company names that seems destined to limp off into the sunset before long, having fallen from smartphone darling of the business world to vaguely remembered third wheel in the handset race. However it's not going down without a fight and is hoping to at least …

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Nokia set to debut its first Android phone at MWC

Nokia is set to reveal its low end Android powered smartphone at the Mobile World Congress this month according to the Wall Street Journal. The publication cited sources “familiar with the matter”, the phone is said to be code named the Nokia Normandy and will appear at the Barcelona based …

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O2 to launch 4G services in August

At present, you only have one choice if you want to experience 4G speeds on your mobile – Everything Everywhere.  While many shops around the country will happily sell you a 4G enabled device on a 4G plan, coverage is still fairly limited and only covers the largest towns and …

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US of A begins converting phone boxes to hotspots

In cities across the globe, public phone boxes are cultural icons. From the classic 1929 Mackenzie Trench design (which Dr Who uses to jaunt around the universe) to the iconic red boxes seen across London, we have been used to seeing them everywhere. But what happens when we no longer …

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Samsung’s Galaxy S III launching on March 13th?

Contrary to our report a few days ago on Samsung's Galaxy S III being delayed across the globe until later this year due to concerns about the time gap between its announcement and availability, it turns out there's still a glimmer of hope we'll get it sooner rather than later …

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