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Which watch for Xmas from the digital sub-£200 options?

Every year, the panic sets in. You have money, a friend/partner who loves technology and you need a cool gift that they will (a) appreciate and not (b) say ‘Sorry, have 5 of those already’. The iWatch concept looks like it could get some serious holiday sales – but KitGuru wonders which watch will win?

Earlier today, KitGuru spoke exclusively with the business development team at one of the UK’s largest distribution companies about what the Xmas rush was likely to look like.

They told us that despite the ongoing sales for smartphones, there was no real drive in that market. It has become part of a continuous cycle of launches.

What the market is excited about is the possibility that mobile functionality built into jewelry, like watches, could provide the kind of dynamic growth that drives share prices.

Because these devices are expected to work in tandem with other products like tablets, the actual ‘watch’ itself could represent good value as a gift.

The experts we spoke to said that they expected Samsung and Sony to battle it out around the £100-150 mark, while Apple is expected to try its luck and leverage its brand closer to £200.

If all goes well, then this market is expected to grow past £30 billion inside 7 years.

At £150 each, that’s 200 million devices.

Given that UNICEF calculates that around 80% of the Earth’s 7 billion people live in poverty, that means the SAS (Sony, Apple and Samsung) is looking to get a smart watch on the wrists of 1 in 5 of us non-poverty folks in the near future.

Pretty cool eh!   Now all the chicks will want to ride on my moped
Pretty cool eh! Now all the chicks will want to ride on my moped

KitGuru says: People who are in to classic watches won’t be interested in the new smartwatches so much, but there’s every chance that kids will love ’em. Roll on £150-200 stocking fillers.

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  • I’m waiting to see how the Touch Time turns out. Since I’m not a smartphone user the smartphone functionality of a watch doesn’t do much for me, but I’m still a geek, and a touch screen watch with a one year battery life would be on my shopping list.