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Xbox One leak shows multitasking dashboard UI

A new video has popped up online which reportedly shows the new Xbox One dashboard and its multitasking capabilities.

Jackson Carter on Youtube has uploaded a 2 minute video which shows the Xbox One dashboard, still in beta. Microsoft have not yet officially highlighted any videos of the user interface at this point.

Carter details that he has a working Xbox One console and controller, showing it on screen. There is a possibility of course that this may all be faked.

The beta dashboard interface looks like the tile interface in Windows 8 desktop, and it carries over the ‘Pins' menu from the Xbox 360. The multitasking elements of the video are the most interesting. A game can be launched and the user can pop back into the main screen while the game continues to load/run in the background. We imagine this will be a very useful feature in specific situations.
[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDlPs7Xx2gA']

We aren't too sure that Microsoft will be happy with this information being ‘leaked' online, but at least it is positive news for the company who have faced criticism for their pre launch.

Kitguru says: impressed, or not so much?

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