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Samsung’s Galaxy S III launching on March 13th?

Contrary to our report a few days ago on Samsung’s Galaxy S III being delayed across the globe until later this year due to concerns about the time gap between its announcement and availability, it turns out there’s still a glimmer of hope we’ll get it sooner rather than later and with a possible showing at MWC (Mobile World Congress in Barcelona) later this month after all.

A posting by website MobileCowboys has claimed that it has seen a list of upcoming Samsung products and that the Galaxy S III is on track to launch first up in Turkey on March 13th. Assuming this is the case, it will most probably be released throughout Europe around the same time.

With MWC taking place less than a fortnight prior to this supposed launch date, it’s hard to imagine Samsung ignoring the opportunity to give the phone an MWC launch. MobileCowboys also briefly mentioned two other Galaxy phones that are on the way; those being the Galaxy S II Plus and Galaxy Note S which are apparently set to arrive late this year. We know little else about the phones at this stage.

KitGuru says: With MWC spinning up on Feb 27th, if we don’t hear or see anything of the GS III between then and the end of the event on 1st March, chances are it’ll be launched a few months later, give or take.

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