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Sex is more likely for Android users

Match.com have published the findings of their latest survey. It may be enough for geeks to ditch their iPhone or Blackberry device. They claim that 62 percent of singles who use Android devices have had sex on the first date, compared with 57 percent of iPhone users. Blackberry users get a score of 48 percent.

iPhone users seem to enjoy romance with work colleagues, almost a quarter of them report that they have had a fling with a colleague in the last five years.

Just preparing her picture for the online dating profile

The study shows that 72 percent of Android users use online dating sites, and 58 percent of iPhone users do the same. Blackberry users seem to be the least needy, with only 50 percent of them using a dating service. Scary to think that if you see two people with a Blackberry, that one of them could very well be posting online about their dating requirements.

75 percent of single people say that email and texting services has ‘significantly improved their dating life’.

Kitguru says: Fascinating or nonsense? you decide.

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