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Images of alleged AMD Radeon RX 6000 engineering sample appear online

Images showing an alleged engineering sample of an RDNA2 graphics card have been posted online. It's not known which RDNA2 graphics card this is, but it's quite possibly an engineering sample of one of the upcoming AMD Radeon Navi 2x graphics cards.

Spotted by @Avery78 (via VideoCardz) on Bilibili and Chiphell forums, the photos of an unknown graphics card don't allow us to determine which GPU it's using, but given the timing, we expect it to be one of the upcoming Navi 2x graphics cards.

In the photos, it's possible to see labels on the graphics card. One of the labels has “Typical Samsung 16Gb” written on it. Based on what the leaker said about the layout (3+3+2 modules), each memory module should have 2GB of VRAM. This also means that it's using a 256-bit memory interface. The leaker also claimed that the graphics card on the photo shouldn't use the Navi 21 GPU with 80CUs, leading us to believe that this is more likely a mid-tier Radeon graphics card.

Image credit: VideoCardz

On the other label of the graphics card, it's written “Full ???? Typical XT A0 ASIC”. The “XT” nomenclature is usually associated with the Radeon RX series graphics cards, so it's safe to assume that it should be a gaming graphics card.

From these pictures, this graphics card definitely looks like an engineering sample. The GPU seems to be getting cooled by some sort of CPU cooler, and there's a power LED close to the 2x power connectors.

AMD announced that the upcoming Radeon RX 6000 will be unveiled on October 28th. The release date has not been disclosed yet, but we should expect the first Radeon RX 6000 graphics cards before the end of 2020.

KitGuru says: Will you wait for Big Navi before pulling the trigger on a new graphics card? Do you think 16GB of VRAM offers clear benefits over 8GB on today's games?

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